What size dip tube do I need for my corny keg?

Dip tubes are different depending on the type of keg that you have. Dip tubes differ from ball lock to pin lock kegs as well as from Cornelius to Firestone kegs. This quick guide and chart will help you find the dip tube that you need.

Finding the right size dip tube can be an important step in refurbishing a used keg. We've put together a small guide that will help you determine the type of dip tube that you'll need for your keg.

As you would expect, dip tubes for Pin Lock Kegs are shorter than dip tubes for Ball Lock Kegs. Aside from the length of the dip tubes, another difference is that Cornelius kegs generally use a bent dip tube whereas Firestone kegs use straight dip tubes.

Keg Type Length (Vertical) Straight / Angled Product Link
Cornelius (Ball Lock) 22-7/8" BENT View Product
Firestone (Ball Lock) 22-3/4" STRAIGHT View Product
Cornelius (Pin Lock) 20-7/16" BENT View Product
Firestone (Pin Lock) 20-3/16" STRAIGHT View Product

All set with your corny keg dip tubes? Make sure you have the correct keg posts.

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