Taprite vs. Chudnow Regulators

As of April 2019, Chudnow Manufacturing is out of business and no longer producing regulators.
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Many of our clients often ask us, “what are the differences between Taprite and Chudnow Regulators?”

Here we will break down the main differences between these two CO2 regulators and hopefully it will help assist you in deciding which regulator is best for you.

These are both very good regulators that function more or less the same.  However the Taprite brand regulators are superior to the Chudnow regulators for a few reasons:

  1. The most obvious to spot is that the Taprite Regulator has a hand dial (red circular dial in the center of the regulator) as opposed to the Chudnow regulator having a screw driver dial.  The hand dial makes it very convenient to be able to adjust your pressure at any time without having to grab a screwdriver to do so.  Although this doesn’t sound like that big of deal, having the hand dial is extremely convenient and makes life a lot easier!  This alone is almost worth the cost difference between these two regulators in our opinion.
  2. The Taprite regulators maintain better pressure, even when your tank gets low.  Some regulators have a hard time keeping accurate pressure when the co2 tank begins to get low, but the Taprite regulator is the best at this!  Your kegs will always be under the exact pressure that you want, even when your CO2 tank is low.
  3. Taprite regulators have better seals; It has a permanent Quad-Ring Seal on the inlet nipple, which helps eliminate a source of leaks.  This means no need to use a new fiber washer each time tank is changed!  Better seals means less leaks, and longer life.
  4. Taprite Regulators are approved for use by all major breweries.
  5. The Taprite Regulator has a "Shut down" safety sytem (blow off at 55 to 60 PSI.)
  6. Taprite regulators also use Heavy duty UL rated dual guages.

These are just a few of the main differences between the two regulators. Overall they are both very good regulators and will last many years if they are taken care of properly.  But in the end, the Taprite regulators have a superior edge when compared to the Chudnow regulators.

We hope this helps you in making your decision on your next regulator purchase.