Ss Brewtech eBrewing | 3V System

Ss Brewtech eBrewing | 3V System
Part Number: EBREWKIT-3V10
Brand: Ss Brewtech
Price: $2,599.00 to $2,999.00

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What's Included in the 3V eBrewing System?

  • eController 3V
  • (2) eKettles with Elements
  • (2) Silicone Mats
  • InfuSsion Mash Tun
  • RIMS

Note: Images show 10 gallon eKettle / Mash Tun

Ss Brewtech has paid attention to every detail has been carefully thought through and refined.

Beginning with control, the Ss Brewtech eControllers include a fully proportional PID output, which doesn't rely on SSR's or high speed switching to modulate heat.  Instead, voltage is modulated, this means element wattage is proportional, and can be fine-tuned from 0-100% for holding temps steady during a mash rest, or dialing in a perfect rolling boil.  The eController quickly finds equilibrium with environmental heat loss characteristics, and can maintain a high degree of accuracy. No more "all or nothing" when it comes to electric elements heating your brew.

The modularity of the Ss Brewtech eBrewing system allows a user to splice an HLT or Boil Kettle into their system for instance, without having to purchase an entirely new 3 vessel brewhouse.

In addition, flexibility is realized through the use of our custom-designed element and eKettle element port, which allows for easy removal of the element for cleaning.  Additionally, Ss Brewtech designed a low watt density halo element, specifically sized to the corresponding kettle volume.  This design is better suited to distributing heat evenly throughout the kettle, in addition to fostering an effective whirlpool and trub cone formation.  Crafted from Incoloy 800 alloy, our element carries a higher resistance to heat and oxidation than standard stainless. 

Lastly, performance is deeply important to everything we design. We sized the element and controller in both 10 and 20 gallon sizes to maximize a standard 240 VAC, 30 amp residential circuit.  As a result ramp times are quick, which work to shorten the brew day. We also wanted to blend some of our latest product enhancements alongside some of our classic tech. So we decided on a kettle with fully welded TC fittings, alongside our venerable trub dam, which is now paired with a TC ball valve.   Even small aesthetic details were not overlooked, such as a front to back handle orientation for a more compact horizontal brewhouse layout. Or integrating a PT100 temperature probe into the heating element base, which alleviates the need for a dedicated thermowell port. 

For the 3V eBrewing Kit, we are combining an eController 3V along with a pair of eKettles (one as an HLT and one as a Boil Kettle) and an InfuSsion Mashtun paired with our RIMS.

Ss Brewtech 3V System Features

  • All 304 Stainless eKettle with Fully welded TC Fittings
  • 1.5" TC ball valve port with trub dam
  • 1.5" TC accessory port
  • 2" TC element port with proprietary element locknut system
  • 5500 Watt Halo Heating Elements
  • 3500 Watt RIMS Element
  • Integrated PT100 temperature probe
  • L6-30 connector molded into element base
  • Anodized aluminum controller housing
  • Omron PID controller with Proportional Control
  • Auto and Manual mode switching
  • (2) 120 VAC Accessory receptacles
TWO - 240VAC 30AMP GFCI Dedicated Circuits Required

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EBREWKIT-3V10 Ss Brewtech eBrewing | 3V System 10 Gallon $2,599.00 Add to Cart
EBREWKIT-3V20 Ss Brewtech eBrewing | 3V System (20 Gallon Kettles) 20 Gallon $2,999.00 Add to Cart

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