Sanke D Keg Washing and Filling Coupler

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Sanke D Keg Washing and Filling Coupler
Brand: Taprite - Beverage Dispense Equipment
Part Number: SK-WF
Price: $99.95 to $109.99

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Sanke Keg Filler D-Style Keg Coupler

Filling and cleaning commercial Sanke kegs is a critical process for breweries and other establishments serving draft beer. This sanke keg coupler has had all check valves removed allowing product to be back-flushed through the system. This gives you the flexiblity to use this coupler to fill sanke kegs or optionally wash your sanke kegs. Properly maintained kegs ensure the quality and consistency of the beer or other beverages being served.

This sanke filling/washing coupler is outfitted with ball valves to allow you to control the flow in and out of both ports.  The check valves have been removed from the coupler so that liquid can flow in both directions through the ports.  The ball valves have 1/2" Barbs on the ends for attaching 1/2" I.D. hose to when transferring your beer or cleaner to/from the kegs. 

This Sanke D coupler is used for filling or cleaning your American-style Sanke D kegs


Sanke D Keg Washing and Filling Coupler fits Amercian style kegs: 

  • Material: All Staniless Steel Contact
  • Connection Type: Sanke D
  • Barb/Tailpiece Size: 1/2"
  • Coupler Style: Select from Brass Body with SS Probe, or Full SS Coupler from dropdown options

How to Fill a Sanke Keg with the Coupler:

  1. Make sure both ball valves on the coupler are in the closed/off position, and you have your 1/2" I.D. tubing attached to the ends of both of the barbed fittings. 
  2. For filling; the top of the coupler (the port sticking straight up, normally your liquid-out) will serve as your liquid-in, and the side port (normally your gas-in port), will serve as the air-out port and also overflow to let you know when your keg if full. 
  3. Attach the other end of the hose coming out of the top of the coupler to your pressurized brite tank or fermenter.  You will need pressure in order to pump the liquid from the vessle into the keg.  If you do not have a pressurized fermenter or brite tank that you can hook CO2 up to, you may consider using a beer pump for this step. 
  4. The side port, you only need a short piece of tubing (2-3 feet).  Place a bucket next to your keg and set this tubing coming from the side port of your sanke filling coupler into the bucket.  
  5. Once everything is in place, attach the coupler to the keg, just as you would any keg that you are tapping with a standard coupler. 
  6. Open both ball valves on the coupler, and the valve on your fermenter/brite tank to allow flow from the fermenter into the keg.  
  7. You will notice air releasing from the short side hose that is hanging inside the bucket.  
  8. Once beer begins to exit the side hose, your keg is full and you can shut off both ball valves to stop the flow. 
  9. Remove the coupler from the keg. 
  10. Rinse any beer that may be on the top of the keg. 

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Item / Part # Style Price
Sanke D Keg Washing and Filling Coupler - Brass Body & SS Probe
Coupler with Brass Body & SS Probe $99.95 Add to Cart
Sanke D Keg Washing and Filling Coupler - SS Coupler & Probe
Coupler with SS Body & Probe $109.99 Add to Cart

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