Removable Lid Sanke Kegs (Hybrid & Tri-Clamp)

Welcome! It looks like you've found the holy grail of sanke kegs for homebrewers and small outfits. Gone are the days of removing spears!

As a homebrewer, cleaning and filling a sanke keg or two possible, but if you go much beyond that, it can start to be pretty laborious without the appropriate cleaning and fililng equipment.

How to clean a sanke keg? How to fill a sanke keg?

If you've ever found yourself searching google "how to clean a sanke keg" or "how to fill a sanke keg" you can stop now. With the introduction of the tri-clamp keg and the hyrbid keg, there is no longer any need for rigging up a special setup to clean or fill your sanke keg. Nor do you need to go out an buy special tools to disassemble the keg by removing the spear.