Tri-Clamp 1/2 bbl Sanke Keg w/ Removable Spear

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Tri-Clamp 1/2 bbl Sanke Keg w/ Removable Spear
Brand: Keg Outlet
Part Number: SANKE-12TC
Price: $459.95 List Price: $499.99

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Consider the 1/2 bbl Hybrid Keg and save!

This half bbl keg with tri-clamp lid is one of the most versatile kegs that you can add to your operation. This unique vessel has a 4" tri-clamp with integrated sanke D valve. Additionally, there is a 1/2" tri-clamp port that allows for the addition of a carbonation wand allowing you to quickly and easily carbonate (or nitrogenate) your beverage.  This is the first keg of its kind... a 1/2 bbl serving keg/bright vessel that features a 4" tri-clamp removable lid. Better yet, the lid features a drop-in sanke coupler and pressure relief valve. This keg gives you the flexibility of a corny keg but the ability to integrate with Sanke D style equipment.

Expand your beverage offerings into bars, taprooms, and restaurants

A majority of retail locations require beverages to be provided in Sanke D style kegs. This isn't an option for many nano breweries, coffee roasters and other small beverage providers due to the amount of equipment that is historically needed to clean and fill Sanke style kegs. These kegs provide the ability to open, clean and fill them while still offering the benefits and standard sanke coupler connection. These kegs are great for putting your own unique beverage on draft:

  • Cold brew coffee
  • Nitro coffee
  • Signature cocktails and mixed drinks
  • Wine
  • Kombucha
  • and much more

Features and Specifications

  • Sanitary design, no threads or bulkhead fittings
  • Includes a pressure relief valve (60 psi) with pull-ring so you can vent pressure easily
  • 4" tri-clamp cap can be easily removed, allowing you to pull the sankey valve out for cleaning
  • Easily fill straight from your fermenter
  • Lightweight, 33 pounds
  • 1/2 bbl keg is certified for correct volume to help you comply with regulations
  • Easy to add a Carb Wand (sold separately) to the 1/2 bbl keg
  • Made of 304 SS
  • Vessel has a safety burst disk on the bottom dome for your protection in case of accidental high pressure
  • 3/4" tri-clamp port included

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SANKE-12TC Tri-Clamp 1/2 bbl Sanke Keg w/ Removable Spear $459.95 Add to Cart

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