Pre-Mixed Cocktail Draft Dispensing Kit (without keg)

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Pre-Mixed Cocktail Draft Dispensing Kit (without keg)
Brand: Keg Outlet
Part Number: PMCD-1
Price: $499.95 List Price: $599.99

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PreMixed Cocktail Draft Dispensing Kit with Keg Recirculation Pump (without keg)

This cocktail draft dispensing kit allows you to mix a full keg of pre-mixed cocktails, or other beverages and serve them on draft.

The kit features a recirculation pump and timer which will automatically mix the liquid inside the keg to make sure you have a well mixed and consistent product every pour.

This kit is also great for not just cocktails, but other beverages that have additives that tend to settle to the bottom of the keg after sitting for an extended period of time.

This kit can be installed in a walk-in cooler, or a direct draw kegerator setup.

Coctial Draft Dispensing Kit Includes:

  • Circulation Pump for Cocktail Keg (45 psi)
  • Liquid side pickup tube for keg (for 5 Gallon Ball Lock AEB Keg)
  • Timer to Control On/Off Cycle for the Circulation Pump
  • Connection Kit for Circulation Pump 
  • LIquid side Connection Kit w/Strainer for Product Dispensing 
  • Connection Kit for Gas (Blue PVC Tubing)

Note: Liquid beverage tubing will be shipped as a 40’ roll and needs to be cut-to-fit your installation.
Note: Stainless Steel Faucet and shank (not included) 

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PMCD-1 Pre-Mixed Cocktail Draft Dispensing Kit (without keg) $499.95 Add to Cart

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