My cold brew system is not draining draining all of the way

Draining issues are typically caused by 1 of 2 things. 1) Filter plates that haven't been entirely cleaned. 2) Too fine of a grind, or too many fines in the grind.

There are generally 2 main reasons your cold brew system may not be draining completely, 

  1. Filter Plate Hasn't Been Properly Cleaned
    When working with our stainless steel cold brew system, one of the key benefits is that the entire system is completely reusable. You'll no longer need to replace your filter after each batch. That means that the filter will have to be cleaned and sanitized thoroughly between uses in order to maintain a consistent flow.
  2. Too Fine of a Grind or Too Many Fines in the Grind
    The filter plate that comes with your cold brew system is made from a high micron stainless steel mesh. If the coffee is not ground coarse enough, the fines can make their way to the filter plate and eventually bind it up. Even on the coarsest setting, some grinder still produce a lot of fines - these can be sifted out to help the speed of filtration for your large batch cold brew system.

Be sure to take a look at the videos below to make sure your cold brew system has been setup correctly.

Setting Up Your Cold Brew System for Proper Drainage and Filtration

Using with the Mahlkonig EK43 Coffee Grinder

We've had some reports of the Mahlkonig EK43 grinder causing problems with draining the cold brew system, even on the coarsest grind setting. In testing, we've found the the lower micron filter plates tend to have a difficult time keeping up with the grind of the EK43, however, our higher micron (75μm) plate has seemed to resolve those problems.


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