Kombucha Keg - 5 Gallon Corny Keg (USED)

Kombucha Keg - 5 Gallon Corny Keg (USED)
Brand: AEB Kegs - Ball Lock Corny Kegs
Part Number: KG101-KB
Price: $89.95 List Price: $99.99

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Used 5 Gallon Kombucha Keg - Ball Lock / NSF Approved


If your looking to keg and serve kombucha on draft, but you are on a budget, used kegs are a great starting place.  This is a re-conditioned 5 Gallon Ball Lock corny keg (pepsi style). This corny keg has been cleaned and soaked in a hot "Straight-A" (brand name) cleaning solution, re-rinsed, lubed and re-pressurized to check the seals. The kegs are in good shape, but could have dings, dents, scratches and stickers from previous use on them. These will not effect the function of the kegs. Also, due to the age of these kegs, the rubber handles can leave black marks on your hands. The keg might be of either Cornelius, Firestone (also called Spartenburg) or Italian construction. All types of kegs are manufactured to the same specifications and are of the same quality. The lids and O-rings are interchangable. We match kegs by brand and try to match by model as well so you will be able to use the same parts in the future. We are not able to guarantee an exact match because there are sometimes minor differences even between the same brand and model. We fully guarantee your satisfaction with the kegs you purchase.

The used style kegs are only available in the 5 Gallon size.  If youa re looking for smaller kombucha kegs, you will have to get a new keg. 

One of the main benefits to homebrew style corny kegs is that they have a large lid on top, which allows you to easily open the keg for cleaning and filling.  Compared to the commercial style beer kegs where you need specialized equipment to fill and clean which is very expensive.  So if you are brewing your own kombucha and kegging yourself, these are they type of kegs you will want! 

Here are some of the benefits and qualifications of these kegs:

  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • NSF Approved for Beverage use
  • ISO 9000 MAA Approval by Coca Cola
  • Manufactured by AEB since 1989
  • Manual pull-ring relief valve that also automatically vents at 130PSI
  • Stainless Steel strap style carry handle for extended handle life
  • Serial Numbers on each part with sanitary welds

  • Size: 5 Gallon with Rubber Top Handle
  • Condition: New
  • Dimensions: May vary slightly, but typically sizes are 8.5" X 25" Tall

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