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Jockey Boxes

Jockey boxes are the ideal way to serve your draft beverages at events.  A jockey box allows you to tap a keg kept at room temperature and dispense at refrigerated temps.  

As the beer or other kegged beverage travels through the cold plate or chilling coils inside the jockey box cooler, the liquid is chilled on the fly and dispensed at ice cold temps.  No electricity needed to power a refrigerator to keep your kegs cold.  Just a jockey box filled with ice, and your gas tank setup to pressure your kegs and you are good to go!  

Our jockey boxes come in 1 faucet, 2 faucet and 4 faucet version and can be configured to tap Commercial Sanke D Style kegs, or home brew style ball lock kegs or pin lock kegs

Our newest addition to the line up of jockey boxes we carry is the Komos, stainless steel jockey boxes.