How to make a large amount of cold brew coffee?

As the popularity of cold brew coffee has increased, many caf├ęs, bars and restaurants find themselves needing larger quantities of cold brew. Here's how you can make enough cold brew coffee to keep up with its growing demand.

As the popularity of cold brew coffee continues to grow, many cafés, bars and restaurants find an increasing need to make larger amounts of cold brew. When it comes to brewing larger amounts of cold brew, brewing more batches in a day usually isn't an option since cold brew generally takes from 12-24 hours to brew, so the best options for most is to increase batch size.

That's where the large batch cold brew systems by Cold Brew Avenue come in. Rather than brewing multiple small(er) batches, the Cold Brew Avenue stainless steel cold brew systems allow you to brew 5-50 gallons at a time.

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