How Do You Install A Draft Beer Facuet Lock?

Installing Draft Beer Faucet Locks are easy and fit most common faucets

Faucet Locks are extremely easy to install: 

  1. Simply insert the key into the lock, and turn the key counter-clockwise until the lock bar is as low as it can go.
  2. Slip the "U" shaped side of the lock mechanism under the faucet and lift the lock up on the top-front of the faucet collar nut. (Refer to picture on right for visual)
  3. Start turning key clockwise until the lock bar pushes tight against the faucet collar nut and cannot go any further.  Test to make sure that it does not allow for the faucet handle to be pulled forward at all. 
    Optional: Remove the tap handle for better security.
    Note: The key can only be removed in a horizontal or vertical position.
  4. Beer is now secure! 

Click here to Download Faucet Lock Installation Instructions

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