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Keg Outlet's mission is to empower homebrewers by providing great customer service and quality products at low prices.

We strive to maintain accurate product data and imagery so that our customers and potential customers know exactly what they're getting. If you have a question about a product, or if there is a product that you can't find on our site, feel free to contact us - we can often-times help you find what you're looking for.

Homebrew Keg Kits

Our different lines of complete homebrew kegging kits will allow you to create a custom draft beer dispenser from an old refrigerator, or just add some taps to your existing fridge. Our different kegging kits will give you different options for dispensing beer - add a beer tower, add beer taps to the front or side of your refrigerator, or simly just use a party tap. Our keg kits come with all of the parts that you'll need to get started and we've also got tools and hardware available for custom kegerator builds. Whether you're looking to serve beer from a party tap, or setup a row of taps on your fridge, our complete keg kits have everything you need to get started.

Refrigerator Homebrew Conversion Kits

These homebrew keg kits will free you from the need to buy an expensive kegerator. Convert a fridge that you already own into a custom kegerator and server draft beer. Or maybe you just need to convert your existing kegerator to serve from homebrew kegs rather than from commercial/sanke kegs, we've got the homebrew conversion kits that you need to make that happen.

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