High Pressure Hose - Regulator Connection Hose

High Pressure Hose - Regulator Connection Hose
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High Pressure Hose - Regulator Connection Hose

For use to connect any high pressure secondary regulator to the CO2 cylinder.

Notes and Warnings:

There are many situations where people prefer to connect the high pressure hose directly. Whether it be to get the CO2 tank out of the fridge, or just not wanting a regulator attached to the tank.

Please keep in mind that this connection is for CO2 ONLY, DO NOT TRY TO USE THIS HOSE WITH A NITROGEN TANK!  

Both of the secondary regulators that we offer (Chudnow and Taprite) have pressure relief valves built into them. SOME SECONDARY REGULATOR BRANDS DO NOT HAVE PRESSURE RELIEF VALVES! Connecting a high pressure hose to a secondary regulator that does not have a pressure relief valve could be very dangerous.

When working with a high pressure hose, never use a barb fitting with a clamp. Always connect the hose to the regulator with an MFL threaded fitting.

The suggested method of connecting a secondary regulaotor to a CO2 system is through a primary regulator attached to a bank of secondaries rather than using a high pressure hose. Using a primary regulator attached to a bank of secondary regulators is the safest and easiest way to accomplish this and it costs about the same.

For a setup to use with left hand threaded regulators (Taprite) use RG511L
For a setup to use with right hand threaded regulators (Chudnow) use RG511R

Select which one you need from the options Below:

  • Taprite - $49.95
  • Chudnow - $49.95


FAQs about the High Pressure CO2 Hose:
  • What is the Length of the hose?  6'
  • What is the Max pressure it supports?  2750 MAX PSI
  • What connection does the hose have to attach to the regulator?  This has a 1/4" MPT.  This fitting will screw into the side of most regulators on the market.
  • What type of connector does the hose have for the CO2 cylinder?  CGA320 (Fits most standard CO2 tanks - 2.5lb, 5lb, 10lb, 20lb)

Additional Notes and Warnings:

It is recommend that you use a primary connected to secondaries as a first choice.
You are increasing your risk by using a high pressure gas line and you should take care to protect the hose and as with any pressurized gas system always secure the CO2 tank with a strap or chain.
Do not try to use this high pressure hose setup with nitrogen.

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RG511L High Pressure Hose - Regulator Connection Hose Taprite (Left Hand Thread) $49.95 Add to Cart
RG511R High Pressure Hose - Regulator Connection Hose - Chudnow Chudnow (Right Hand Thread) $49.95 Add to Cart

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Genius! September 17, 2015

In the photo this hose looks a lot smaller than it is. The large brass nut in the photo attaches directly to your CO2 tank (replacing the CO2 connection nut and barb on your regulator), then the other end of the high pressure hose screws directly into the side of the regulator.

Love not having to worry about the weight of the regulator making the CO2 tank topple over and damaging the regulator!

I also ordered the CO2 Wall Bracket to secure my CO2 tank to the wall outside of my refrigerator.

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Amazing - Finally got my CO2 tank out the fridge! September 17, 2015

This is a great product! For years, I have just kept my CO2 tank and regulator keezer. A 10lb CO2 tank started to take up a lot of room. This hose aloud me to mount my regulator inside the fridge, and by drilling a hole in the collar of my keezer, run this high pressure line through and keep my CO2 tank outside! Say hello to room for one more keg :-)

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