GovReg® Inline Secondary Regulator

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GovReg® Inline Secondary Regulator
Brand: GovReg® Secondary Regulators
Part Number: GR5150
Price: $34.95 List Price: $39.95

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GovReg Secondary Regualtor: Precision Control, Simplified System

Craft the perfect pour, consistently. GovReg Secondary Regulators redefine draft beer dispense with pinpoint precision and unrivaled keg-by-keg control in a fraction of the footprint of traditional secondary regulators. Unlike traditional setups, GovReg eliminates the need for multiple regulators, simplifying your system and maximizing quality.

  • Unleash ultimate control: Dial in any pressure between 4 and 55 PSI using the GovReg Adjustment Tool, perfecting pours for everything from delicate nitro coffee to crisp lagers.
  • Versatility reigns: Master both direct draw systems (kegerators, fridges, keezers) and long draw setups with ease. Cheers to flexibility!
  • Beyond beer: Expand your horizons! GovReg isn't just for suds - it works with soda, kombucha, even sparkling wine. Not into CO2? You can use it for your cold brew and nitro coffee as well.
  • Expert presetting: Feeling overwhelmed? Let us take the reins! Just tell us your desired PSI and we'll set your GovRegs pressure(s) prior to shipping. No need for the Adjustmet Tool if we set the pressure for you! 

GovReg: Unmatched Precision, Consistent Results

Bid farewell to inconsistent pours and wasted beer. GovReg's innovative design guarantees exact pressure delivery to each keg, regardless of temperature fluctuations. Experience the perfect balance of carbonation and head, pour after pour.

GovReg: Simplify & Streamline Your Keg System

Replace cumbersome setups with a sleek, efficient solution. GovRegs eliminate the need for multiple traditional secondary regulators, saving space and simplifying installation. Their compact design easily integrates into any draft system while freeing up space, offering greater flexibility and control.

GovReg: Reduce Waste, Maximize Savings

Precise pours translate to minimized waste. By eliminating inconsistent carbonation, GovRegs ensure you enjoy every drop of your precious brew. This not only saves money, but also contributes to a more sustainable brewing and serving operation.

GovReg: Built for Performance & Durability

Crafted from heavy-duty stainless steel, GovReg Secondary Regulators are built to withstand the demands of any draft system. Their tamper-proof design and internal piston mechanism guarantee exceptional durability and long-lasting performance.

GovReg: Invest in Quality, Experience the Difference

GovReg Secondary Regulators represent a leap forward in draft beer technology. While their initial cost might be slightly higher when accounting for the adjustment tool, the enhanced pour quality, reduced waste, and streamlined system offer significant long-term value. Make a wise investment in your draft beer system and elevate your brewing experience. Once you own the adjustment tool, adding new GovRegs to your system is a breeze.

Ready to Simplify Your Draft System? Go GovReg Now!

Upgrade your draft beer system today and unlock the benefits of GovReg Secondary Regulators. Explore our selection and find the perfect solution for your needs. Contact us for any questions or expert advice on building your optimal draft setup.

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