Replacement Pump for Ss Brewtech FTSs Touch

Replacement Pump for Ss Brewtech FTSs Touch
Brand: Ss Brewtech
Part Number: FT-PUMPXT30A
Price: $59.95 to $69.95

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Introducing the Replacement Pump for Ss Brewtech FTSs Touch – your solution for seamless temperature control that ensures your brews are perfected with precision. Crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and performance, this pump is designed to work harmoniously with your brewing setup, providing an elevated experience like no other.

Compatible and Efficient: Designed for compatibility, this pump effortlessly integrates with legacy FTSs systems when used with the Accessory Adapter. Whether you're upgrading your existing setup or maintaining your equipment, this replacement pump is the perfect fit.

Bundled Convenience: Included as an integral part of the FTSs Touch system, this pump exemplifies convenience at its finest. Seamlessly integrated and built to deliver consistent results, it's a vital component that keeps your brewing endeavors on track.

Optimal Performance: Operating on 12V with an XT30 connector, this pump excels in maintaining your desired temperatures within the optimal range of 28°F - 155°F. Craft your brews with precision, knowing that this pump is tailor-made to ensure your creations meet the highest quality standards.

Safety First: Your peace of mind is our priority. With a temperature range of up to 155°F, the Replacement Pump for Ss Brewtech FTSs Touch is engineered to ensure safe and controlled brewing. Avoid extremes – do not exceed 160°F, and steer clear of freezing temperatures. Additionally, remember to avoid running the pump dry to prolong its longevity and functionality.

Glycol Pump Expertise: Specifically designed as a replacement glycol pump, this essential component ensures that your glycol-based system runs smoothly. Trust in the reliability of Ss Brewtech engineering to deliver consistent and efficient performance every time you brew.

Elevate your brewing journey with the Replacement Pump for Ss Brewtech FTSs Touch. Crafted with care, engineered for excellence, and designed for compatibility, this pump is your key to unlocking a world of precision brewing. Invest in quality, invest in your craft – experience the difference today.

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FTSs Pump Notes:

This pump is designed for use with the FTSs Touch Temp Controller. If you have an older FTSs System, select the "w/ Legacy Adapter" option which will convert the XT30 connector to a barrel jack to work with your existing FTSs System.

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Replacement Pump for Ss Brewtech FTSs Touch
XT30 Connector $59.95 Add to Cart
Replacement Pump for Ss Brewtech FTSs w/ Legacy Adapter
w/ Legacy Adapter $69.95 Add to Cart

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