External Snap Ring Pliers

External Snap Ring Pliers
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Part Number: CP100S
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External Snap Ring Pliers

What are External Snap Ring Pliers?

External snap ring pliers are a type of pliers used for removing or installing external snap rings. Snap rings are small metal rings with ends that can be snapped into grooves on a shaft or in a housing, which hold components in place. External snap rings are located on the outside of a shaft or housing.

External snap ring pliers have angled jaws with pointed tips that fit into the openings on the snap ring. The pliers can be squeezed together to compress the snap ring, allowing it to be easily removed from the shaft or housing. To install a snap ring, the pliers are used to expand the ring and then guide it into the groove on the shaft or housing.

External snap ring pliers come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different snap ring diameters. They are commonly used in automotive, industrial, and mechanical applications for removing and installing snap rings on components such as axles, bearings, and gears. Using external snap ring pliers can save time and effort compared to using other methods, such as pry bars or screwdrivers, which can damage the snap ring or the components it is holding in place.


  • 7" overall length
  • Drop-forged chrome vanadium steel
  • PVC non-slip grips
  • 90° angled tips
  • Spring-loaded handle


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