Countertop Draft Water Carbonator

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Countertop Draft Water Carbonator
Brand: Enhanced Beverage Solutions
Part Number: WatWater
Price: $2,995.00 List Price: $3,499.99

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Looking to turn your water supply into carbonated bubble water instantly? The Countertop Water Carbonation Machine provides you with 3 different ways of dispensing your drinking water; ambient flat water, chilled flat water, and sparkling chilled water. 

 The countertop draft water carbonator gives you everything you need to serve chilled sparkling water at home. You can even make your favorite sodas by simply adding an ounce or two of syrup/concentrate in your glass prior to pouring your sparkling water.

The built-in refrigeration coil, chills and dispenses your water on the fly, taking it from ambient temperatures to refrigerated temperatures instantly as you serve. 

Environmental Considerations:

  • Reduction of plastic bottle usage
  • Utilizes minimal energy due to Draft Cool™ Compressor Cooling Technology
  • Utilizes eco-friendly R290 refrigerant
  • Achieves 20% higher energy efficiency while consuming 20% less energy
  • Reduces waste related to supply chain, warehousing, recycling, and partial bottle usage

Enhanced Beverage Countertop Draft Carbonator Features

  • A dispensing rate of 25 liters per hour for chilling beverages
  • Dispense Modes: Ambient Tap Water, Chilled Tap Water, and Chilled Sparkling Water
  • Dimensions: 9.25 inches wide, 13.75 inches deep, and 17.5 inches tall
  • Can be connected to any CO2 source
  • Lightweight at 44 pounds
  • Operates on 110V 20A power supply
  • Equipped with a rotary thermostat for accurate temperature regulation

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