Can the NitroNow Nitrogen Infuser module accomodate multiple product lines?

As nitro beverages become more and more popular, we're seeing that many places want to serve as many nitro'd beverages as possible. While it'd be great if the Nitrogen Infuser could handle multiple product lines, making that happen would be very difficult.

This is a great question, but unfortunately, the way the infuser works, it can only handle 1 product line per Nitrogen Infuser module. The reason being is that when switching from 1 product to the next product, there would be residual product left in the infusion system from the first product pour causing the 2 to be mixed as product 2 was introduced.

Dual Product Line Nitro Infuser Now Available

Due to popular demand, we have now released a dual nitrogen infuser module. This new infuser is the perfect solution for 2-tap kegerators looking to pour 2 styles of nitro coffee (or other nitrogenated beverage). See the Associated Products links below for more details.

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