American "D" Keg Tap (Coupler - Sanke) - Twist On

American "D" Keg Tap (Coupler - Sanke) - Twist On
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American "D" Keg Tap (Coupler - Sanke) - Twist on, Low Profile

Need to fit a keg in a tight place?  This tap will save you a few inches!

This is a new American "D" (Sanke) Coupler (Keg Tap), that you would use with the majority of commercial American beers, Mexican, Canadian and most Micro Brews.

This tap is Low Profile and allows you to tap a keg in tight situation, such as inside of a shorter fridge unit. Because the lines come out to the side this tap sticks up about 2.5" from the keg vs about 5" with line on a conventional Coupler. 

This tab features a quick twist top that makes it easy to use! 


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