When using the Nitro Infuser, is it still necessary to use a stout tap?

This is a common question and it helps to know the anatomy of a stout faucet vs a standard faucet.

Yes. The Nitro Infuser charges your coffee with nitrogen on its way from the keg to the faucet/tap. A standard tap, will pour the coffee out, but it will have little to no "nitro effect" - it will lack the rich, cascading effect and the creamy head. A stout tap however, has a restrictor plate inside the faucet. This is a small plate with multiple small holes in it in which the coffee is forced through. It is this component of the draft system that completes the pour. As the coffee is forced through the restrictor plate, the nitrogen in the solution is "agitated" and forced to create micro bubbles which in turn give the rich, cascading effect that you love to see in your cup.

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