What type of maintenance is involved for the Nitro Infuser?

The Nitro Infuser was designed to be relatively low maintenance. Standard cleaning & sanitizing of your draft beverage system will take care of the maintenance for the NitroNow Nitrogen Infuser.

Once installed inline with your draft system, the only maintenance you will need to do with your nitro infuser module is standard cleaning and sanitizing of your draft system. The Nitro Infuser is designed to clean in place. Simple attach a keg of cold brew cleaning solution to your draft system and let run through your Nitro Infuser and out through the faucet. Chances are you are already taking this step to regularly clean and sanitize your draft system (if you are not, make sure you consider a weekly draft system cleaning program to keep your coffee tasting great). Then followup with a water rinse and sanitizer.

See our cold brew cleaning and sanitizing kit for more information.

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