What Makes the Perfect Wood Fire Pizza Oven?

What is the best home pizza oven on the market?  Without a doubt, it is the line of Forno Bravo pizza oven kits.  Specifically, the Casa2G wood-fired pizza oven kits by Forno Bravo will take your pizza-making and cooking game to a whole other level! 


Interlocking Joints

1. Interlocking Joints

The Casa2G Series Wood Burning Pizza Ovens boast an interlocking dome design, which is similar to the one found in our premium Modena Series commercial pizza ovens. The tight fit of the dome pieces makes for effortless assembly and enhances heat retention and durability. On the other hand, other wood-fired ovens have a less sophisticated design with loose-fitting dome pieces that result in large gaps requiring mortar patches.

Commercial-Grade Refractory Casting

2. Commercial-Grade Refractory Casting

The Casa2G Series ovens are made with the highest grade refractory material and advanced commercial-grade casting technology in the industry. The dome pieces are constructed with 98% pure, 81% AL2O3/SiO2 refractory material and cast using a two-side, machine-vibrated process, making them unmatched by other ovens.

This top-quality refractory casting allows for fast heat-up times of as little as 30 minutes, and optimal heat retention. The Casa2G ovens are also 20% heavier than the previous generation Casa ovens. Unlike some pizza oven suppliers who offer both rustic and commercial-grade residential ovens at a higher price, the commercial-grade Casa2G ovens are offered at a lower cost than their rustic oven counterparts.

Monoblock Vent

3. Monoblock Vent

The Casa2G Series ovens feature a seamless, monoblock vent for easy chimney installation and increased durability. The direct connection of single-wall stainless steel chimney pipe for outdoor installation or UL103 double-wall stainless steel chimney pipe for indoor or closer-to-combustible materials installations is made possible by the Casa2G ovens. This feature saves homeowners significant costs on installation.

Compared to ovens with multiple vent pieces, the seamless design of the Casa2G ovens is easier to assemble and more durable than metal vents. Furthermore, it eliminates the unsightly seam and mortar patch that is found in the center of the oven opening in other ovens, creating a more visually appealing appearance during every use.

Enclosed Cooking Floor

4. Enclosed Cooking Floor

The Casa2G Series ovens have an innovative design that sets them apart from others. The interlocking dome envelops the circular cooking surface, supported by an insulating layer beneath, making it a more sophisticated and costlier production process. This design offers several advantages, such as enhanced heat retention, reduced wood usage, and ease of tile replacement in case of damage. The fully enclosed cooking floor is a feature that is commonly found in commercial pizza ovens in Italy, and the Casa2G ovens embody this design principle.

Large Commercial Grade Floor Tiles

5. Large Commercial Grade Floor Tiles

The cooking floor of the Casa2G Series ovens is made with 18”x18” tiles that have been kiln-fired at 2650ºF and compressed to 2,700psi, offering superior durability and heat retention compared to other ovens. The tiles also result in fewer seams in the cooking floor, providing a better cooking experience. These commercial-grade floor tiles are more long-lasting than cast, air-dried pieces found in other ovens, ensuring reliability and longevity.

Stainless Steel Chimney

6. 4″ Stainless Steel Chimney

The Casa2G Series ovens come equipped with a 24-inch stainless steel chimney pipe and rain cap for easy assembly. The chimney pipe fits seamlessly into the round vent opening, making it the most straightforward oven to install. Should you require a taller chimney, additional 24-inch chimney pipe sections can be added. If you need to install a double wall UL103 chimney pipe system, it can be done on the Casa2G oven.

Integral Oven Landing

7. Integral Oven Landing

The Casa2G Series wood-fired ovens come equipped with a built-in 8" landing, providing a convenient space for transferring pizzas, pans, and food that needs to be cooked at a lower temperature or kept warm. This feature sets the Casa2G ovens apart from other ovens, making it a valuable addition.

Space-Age Dome and Floor Insulation

8. Space-Age Dome and Floor Insulation

The Casa2G wood-fired ovens are equipped with state-of-the-art woven ceramic insulation for optimal heat retention and cooking performance. The oven dome is insulated with 3 inches (3 x 1 inch) of ceramic blanket, and the cooking floor is insulated with 2 inches of ceramic board. Unlike other ovens, the Casa2G ovens come fully insulated, eliminating the need for additional expenses on ceramic insulation or settling for less efficient vermiculite insulation. This superior insulation system results in improved heat retention and cooking results.

Sealing Door with Thermometer

9. Sealing Door with Thermometer

The Casa2G Series wood-fired ovens come equipped with a metal door that seals tightly thanks to a well-designed oven door jam. This crucial aspect of the oven's design enables the user to regulate the size of the fire and even put it out completely if necessary, which is important for maintaining the temperature, retaining heat, and ensuring fire safety. The door is also fitted with a thermometer for easy temperature monitoring.

Avoid purchasing an oven with a vent that is located inside the cooking chamber, behind the door. Such a design will cause the oven to continue drawing air through the chimney and vent even when the door is closed, making it difficult to control the temperature.