What is Kyoto Style Cold Drip (or Slow Drip) Coffee?

As cold brew coffee has grown in popularity over the past years, we're starting to see more and more terms describing the process that made the coffee: cold brew, cold drip, cold press, etc. Cold Drip defines yet another method for making coffee at ambient (or lower) temperatures.

Kyoto Style Slow Drip or Cold Drip Coffee is cold brewed coffee made by slowly dripping water over a bed of coffee grounds ultimately extracting a smooth cold brew coffee into a collection chamber.

The slow drip method gradually extracts compounds from the coffee grounds over time as the water filters through the coffee bed.

Alternative names:

  • Cold Drip Coffee
  • Slow Drip Coffee
  • Kyoto Coffee
  • Kyoto Style Coffee
  • Kyoto Slow Drip Coffee

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