What are pre-purchase considerations for mobile pizza oven installations?

These pizza ovens are an investment and there are a number of considerations to be made prior to purchasing. Additionally, after purchase, we'll confirm all oven details prior to production and shipping.

Trailer Type:
Open trailer, porch trailer or food truck?

Fuel Type:
Dual Fuel, Gas primary, Wood primary?

Installation location and positioning:
Do you have access issues such as limited access? E.g. Are you framing trailer before the oven arrives?
If a porch trailer, do you intend to bring the oven through a wall?

Event/Serving Considerations:
What type of events do you plan on doing?
Anticipated size range of events?
Public or private?

Other questions and considerations:
How many pizzas per hour are you looking to serve?
What type of menu items do they want to offer out of the oven?
Are you working with a trailer company, plan on doing the trailer yourself or want a turnkey product?
What is your purchase / installation timeline?

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