What are pre-purchase considerations for brick and mortar pizza oven installations?

These pizza ovens are an investment and there are a number of considerations to be made prior to purchasing. Additionally, after purchase, we'll confirm all oven details prior to production and shipping.

Installation Location:
Indoor or outdoor?

Fuel Type:
Dual Fuel, Gas primary, Wood primary?

What type of facility will the oven be installed:
Stand alone, strip mall, mixed use commercial, residential?
Do you have access issues such as limited access?
Are there unique install requirements such as an oven outside and coming through a wall to the interior kitchen?

Do they have a venting strategy?
We can vent in three primary install types.

Show piece oven or back kitchen?

Other questions and considerations:
How many pizzas per hour are you looking to serve?

What type of menu items do you want to offer out of the oven?

Are you looking for field support such as consultation, installation support?

What is your purchase / installation timeline?

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