Trumix® Double Gas Blending Panel

Trumix® Double Gas Blending Panel
Brand: Micro Matic
Part Number: TM200-60-40

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Trumix® Double Gas Blending Panel

The Trumix® Gas Blending Panel is a small wall-mounted unit that tucks neatly and safely out of the way. It is easy to install and is extremely dependable. The Trumix® requires no electricity, ongoing maintenance, or adjustment. It can be used with all sources of clean nitrogen and CO2 including high-pressure cylinders, and bulk tanks. 


Standard Flow: Up to 30 kegs/hr. (15 kegs/hr. per blend) dispensed
On-site accurate gas blending
More cost-effective than pre-mixed cylinders
Lager Blend: 60% CO2 & 40% Nitrogen
Stout Blend: 25% CO2 & 75% Nitrogen


Inlet Pressures: 55—150 psi, however, the panel can be set to match any conditions. Blender tuned at the inlet pressure of the existing system. Standard 55 and 70 psi
Outlet Pressures: Adjustable outlet pressures of 0—60 psi. The maximum outlet pressure will always be 10 psi lower than the lowest inlet pressure

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TM200-60-40 Trumix® Double Gas Blending Panel $1,269.00

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