What temperature water should be used for cleaning cold brew coffee equipment?

When it comes to cleaning coffee oils, the hotter the better and the correct cleaner should be used.
The HOTTER the water the faster that the cleaner will effectively cut through the oils.  If the user takes the hottest water off of the sink it will work more effectively than just room temperature.  Along with hot water you will want to use a prefer cleaning agent designed for cold brew or removing coffee oils specifically.  We recommend using Clearly Cold - Cold Brew Cleaner for cleaning, followed up with Complete Café Sanitizer for proper cleaning and sanitizing of your cold brew equipment.  
Keep in mind, the four fundamentals of cleaning coffee oils:
  1. Concentration of the cleaning product
  2. Temperature (hotter the better)
  3. Time (how long you want to let it soak 
    –For heavily soiled equipment an overnight soak may be needed, but for standard cleaning follow the manufactures directions on the cleaner
  4. Agitation 
    –How much you want to scrub ~ if scrubbing use an appropriate soft bristle brush so you do not damage or scratch your cold brew equipment. 

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