Taprite Secondary Regulator - 2 Body w/ WYE Splitters

Taprite Secondary Regulator - 2 Body w/ WYE Splitters
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This Taprite 2 Body Secondary CO2 or Nitrogen Regulator with WYE splitters allows you to dispense from 4 kegs as the same time, and also allows you to set 2 kegs at different pressures than the other 2.  

These low pressure secondary regulators require that a primary regulators require a primary regulator to be attached directly to your gas cylinder.

This 2 Body Secondary Taprite Regulator will allow you to set 2 separate pressures to give you more control over your draft beverage system. This is a great regulator for homebrewers who are looking to carbonate beer and serve beer at the same time! Secondary regulators are also great for serving different types of beverages - beer, soda, sparkling water, etc. as each will require a different serving pressure.

Low Pressure Secondary Regulator Setup

Using Low Pressure Secondary Regulators

Attach a primary regulator to the gas cylinder (CO2, Nitrogen, Beer Gas, etc.)

Set pressure on primary regulator to max desired system working pressure.

Connect gas hose from primary regulator to secondary regulator bank.

Enjoy controlling pressure to kegs individually!


Other features and benefits of Taprite Secondary Regulators:

  • To protect your draft dispensing system, each regulator has a built-in high volume, high pressure external safety relief valve factory set to relieve at 55-65 PSIG.
  • Taprite secondary regulators are designed to further reduce pressure from a primary regulator to a proper dispensing level.
  • Internal relief valve opens if the delivery pressure exceeds set pressure by 15 PSIG. This serves as a warning that the seat or diaphragm may be worn and require replacing.
  • Forged brass body for greater durability. Body has enough mass to serve as a heat sink to help prevent freeze up.
  • Secondary regulator body threading are 1/4" NPT (F).
  • Outlet fittings feature Taprite 1600 ball type shut-off. Fits 5/16" I.D. pressure hose. Inlet designed for 5/16" I.D. pressure tubing.
  • All models have heavy duty stainless steel wall mounting brackets.
  • Maximum delivery pressure: 50 PSIG
  • Non-removable adjusting screw creates a maximum delivery pressure to 50 PSIG
  • All regulators are pressure tested for leaks and defects prior to delivery to assure in-field reliability.
  • Taprite regulators are available in multiple pressure and product models.

How to Setup a Secondary CO2 or Nitrogen Regulator Inside Your Kegerator or Keezer:

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