SS Draft Beer Foam Preventer (FOB) - 3/8" Male Beer Threads

SS Draft Beer Foam Preventer (FOB) - 3/8" Male Beer Threads
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Part Number: FOB-SS3
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SmartFOB - Draft Beer Foam Preventer with 3/8" Male Beer Threads - Left Entry Model

Beer FOBs are a must for all long-draw systems.  They will save you time and money.

Why should I install a Beer FOB in by draft system?
  • Stops beer flow immediately after a keg empties.
  • Keeps the supply lines full of beer instead of letting them fill with foam.
  • Bartenders require less time to change kegs because the supply lines do not need to be cleared of gas and foam to get "clear" beer.
  • Servers do not have to wait to have their orders filled.

  • Wall Mount FOB
  • These FOBs will save about 4 Pints of Beer per Keg on Average based on a 125' run using 3/8" supply lines.
  • Stainless steel body and ABS plastic chamber
  • Wall mount design is easy to install
  • Vent/Reset device on top swivels 360° to change the direction of (1/4”) drainage tube
  • Labeled with detailed usage instructions
  • Fitting ends (3/ 8”) can be used as barbs or used with push-in fittings
  • Stainless Steel Cap and Base
  • 3/8" Male Beer Threads - Input and Output
  • Left Hand Model
What is a Beer Foam Preventer (FOB - Beer-On-Foam)?

A beer foam controller FOB (Foam-On-Beer) is a device that helps to regulate the flow of beer from a keg and prevent excess foam from forming. It works by utilizing a small plastic float ball inside a vertical chamber.

As the beer is dispensed, the float ball inside the FOB rises along with the beer level. Once the beer level inside the FOB reaches a certain height, the float ball is lifted by the incoming beer and seals a vent hole at the top of the chamber, causing the flow of beer to stop. This prevents any excess foam or gas from being dispensed and ensures that only liquid beer is poured.

When the beer level inside the FOB drops due to dispensing, the float ball drops with it, reopening the vent hole at the top of the chamber and allowing beer to flow again. This cycle repeats as beer is dispensed, helping to maintain a consistent flow rate and minimizing foam formation.

The FOB can be installed in-line between the keg and the tap, or between the keg and the CO2 regulator, depending on the specific system being used.

  • Manufacturer: Core Components Limited

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