SS Brewing Technologies Brew Bucket Reviews

We have started this page on our website for our clients to submit their reviews of the new SS Brewing Technologies Stainless Steel Brew Bucket Fermenters!  If you have purchased a SS Brew Buckets recently and would like to submit a review, please E-MAIL US with your review/testimonial and pictures of you and/or your Stainless Steel Brew Bucket Fermenter!

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Jim C. from Lynchburg, VA 

Well, the twins arrived last Wednesday, safe and sound. I was amazed that the boxes were in such great shape, having crossed the country from coast-to-coast. I did the finishing touches on my kegerator this past weekend and brewed up a Weizenbier and a Pictish Heather Ale last night, so that I can fill up those kegs. I can already tell that the SS Brew Buckets are going to make brewing that much more pleasurable. . . The handles on the sides make carrying much easier than lugging a one-handled bucket. Good Bye Fermenting Buckets and Carboys!!! :-)




Tom B. from Geneseo, IL 

The brew buckets are as sturdy as my Blichmann Boilermaker Kettles! 
It's exactly what I was expecting. I think it is something that the
homebrewing community has been looking for for a long time.
If it weren't so dang cold here in Illinois I'd be using now... 



Jeff H. from Sacramento, CA 

It looks sexy.  Feels solids and sturdy.  I love the spring latches which
makes it very easy to open the lid and deal with dry hopping!  And the quality is EXCELLENT!  Since using by brew bucket, I've had my 2 best fermentations and best tasting beers to date!  Goodbye buckets and carboys!



Derick D. from Suisun, CA 

Received my Brew Bucket yesterday packaging was superb and the brew bucket in mint condition. (must be the first time I ever got a box that's not had a dent or scuff marks on it.

All looks good can not wait to use it but it might be another week or two :O(



Robert A. from Bakersfield, CA

Thanks to Robert from Bakersfield, CA for this very unique 360 degree look at the Brew Bucket packaging and fermenter!





Rob B. from Norwalk, CT

Looks great!  Planning to brew tomorrow and use it.  
Quality looks fine.  Exactly what I had hoped for!










Steve F. from Rochester, MN

Brew buckets are great!!!!

Done a few brews in them already - limits exposure to oxygen , easy to clean, robust. Just wish they had a dump valve for getting rid of/ cultivating yeast.









Click here to view the SS Brewing Technologies Brew Bucket Fermenter