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1 BBL Brite Tank - Ss Brewtech

1 BBL Brite Tank - Ss Brewtech
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Rock solid - good value February 1, 2023

I ordered this mini-brite as a trial to use as a serving tank in our tiny cider bar. I'm going to order more. Well made, easy to clean and inspect, light enough to move when empty, all the features I want. The threaded fittings (not sanitary welds) don't bother me (not a problem for acidic hard cider, might be for a beer brewer?). Worst thing I can say about it: The tank does not fully drain as the bottom ferrule is not welded to the center of the dish, but it can be easily tipped to help the last few ounces leave the tank. Total tank capacity is 40 gallons (full to the brim), not 37.5 as listed at Ss Brewtech.

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