BTF Iodophor Sanitizer - 32 oz Bottle

BTF Iodophor Sanitizer - 32 oz Bottle
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Part Number: SNI32
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BTF Iodophor Sanitizer - 16 oz Bottle

This is an Iodophor Sanitizer great for sanitizing homebrew kegs and kegging equipment.

Odorless and tasteless sanitizer is safe to use on all your brewing equipment: kettles, kegs, pails, tanks, vats, bottles and more. Low-foaming formula is superior to other brands of Iodophor for brewing. No-rinse concentrate requires only 1/2 ounce per 5 gallons and 2 minutes of contact time to be effective.

BTF Iodophor is certified by NSF as a sanitizer for food processing areas, this is a great sanitizer for organic brewers and coffee roasters. For professional or home brewing and wine making Low foaming, no-rinse sanitizer No residual taste or odor left behind Gentle on hands

1 ounce of BTF Sanitizer makes 10 gallons of homebrew strength solution.

This bottle will make 160 gallons!  This is a very cost-effective sanitizer and works very well!

Instructions for using BTF Iodophor Sanitizer

  1. Recommended Usage:
    • ½ oz of BTF Iodophor for 5 gallons of cold water
    • ¼ oz of BTF Iodophor for 2 ½ gallons of cold water.
  2. Allow at least two minutes of contact time.
  3. Drain vessel and allow to air dry.

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