Can you serve kombucha and beer from the same kegerator?

Yes! Both products use CO2 gas. Serving both beer and kombucha on draft is easy!

Serving both kombucha and beer from the same kegerator is easy.  Both kombucha and beer use CO2 to carbonate and pressurize the kegs for dispensing.  So you generally just need an air distributor in your gas system so you can pressurize multiple kegs at the same time.

One thing to note when serving kombucha and beer on draft, beer is typically ok to use chrome plated brass components, but with an acidic beverage like kombucha, you want to only use stainless steel components.  Otherwise the chome plated brass components will corrode from the acid.  When setting up to serve both kombucha and beer on draft we would just recommend getting all stainless steel components for the full system.  They cost a little more than chrome plated brass, but will last longer and you never have to worry about the corrosion.

These Kombucha Kegerators are setup with all SS components and come with the appropriate CO2 regulator and gas splitters to pressurize and serve the amount of kegs you wish to dispense at the same time!

Lastly, you just need to confirm the keg type that your kombucha and beer will be coming in.  If you are buying beer from a local brewery or major US brand brewery, it will be in a commercial Sanke D keg.  Kombucha is usually distributed in this same keg, but occasionally we see companies using ball lock corny kegs.  Once you determine what kegs types you will be getting your product in, just make sure the connection type on the kegerator you are getting matches.

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