Yeast Brink for Aseptic Yeast Handling / White Labs FermFlask

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Yeast Brink for Aseptic Yeast Handling / White Labs FermFlask
Brand: White Labs
Part Number: SANKE-YB
Price: $1,630.00 to $1,930.00

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Yeast Brink for Aseptic Yeast Handling / White Labs FermFlask Yeast Brink

This yeast vessel is the ultimate solution for safeguarding your yeast from contamination by bacteria, wild yeast, and other microorganisms.  

Crafted by White Labs and manufactured by Sabco, this partnership blends yeast expertise with equipment mastery to deliver an exceptional product.

What is a Yeast Brink Used for?

Yeast brinks are used in brewing and fermentation processes to collect, store, and manage yeast cultures. They serve several important purposes in the brewing industry:

  • Yeast Collection: Yeast brinks are used to collect yeast slurry from a fermentation vessel once the fermentation process is complete. This collected yeast can then be reused in subsequent brews, reducing the need to purchase new yeast for each batch.
  • Yeast Storage: Yeast brinks provide a controlled environment for storing yeast for extended periods. Yeast can be kept in optimal conditions, preserving its viability and ensuring it remains healthy and active until it's needed for another batch of beer or other fermented products.
  • Yeast Maintenance: Yeast cultures can deteriorate over time due to various factors, such as contamination or changes in yeast health. Yeast brinks allow brewers to monitor, feed, and maintain yeast cultures, ensuring they are in the best possible condition for fermentation.
  • Priming Mixer: Some yeast brinks are equipped with features that facilitate mixing yeast with priming sugars or other additives before they are introduced to the final fermentation vessel. This ensures even distribution of yeast and additives when mixing in the yeast brink.

Inspired by the historic Carlsberg Flask, originally devised in 1883 by Emil Christian Hansen for cultivating the first pure yeast culture, the FermFlask Yeast Brink is purpose-built for aseptic yeast management in the brewery, ensuring the purest and healthiest pitching yeast.

Save your brewery money with the yeast brink by reducing the need to constantly buy new yeast for every batch of beer brewed. 


  • Half US barrel volume
  • Stainless interior and exterior
  • Sanitary Enclosed Vessel
  • Steam sterilizable
  • 6" Port for easy cleaning
  • Wide piping for thick slurries
  • Pressure Gauge
  • PRV (Pressure Release Valve)
  • Butterfly valve
  • Temperature Probe
  • Pharmaceutical grade Tri-clamp ports

FermFlask Yeast Brink Features:

  • Convenient addition of nutrients during yeast storage
  • Pre-pitch yeast charging capability
  • Optional paddle for uniform yeast slurry and sampling preparation (SELECT OPTION FROM DROPDOWN MENU)
  • Comprehensive sanitary fittings
  • Seamless welds
  • Enclosed design for maximum hygiene
  • 1/2 bbl (15.5 gallons/58.6L) volume
  • Includes a pressure release valve, sanitary ball valve (1" diameter) and pressure gauge
  • Wide piping for handling thick yeast slurries
  • Easy cleaning and access through the 6" top port
  • Complies with pharmaceutical-grade tri-clamps for the highest quality

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Yeast Brink for Aseptic Yeast Handling / White Labs FermFlask - With Paddle
With Paddle $1,930.00 Add to Cart
Yeast Brink for Aseptic Yeast Handling / White Labs FermFlask - No Paddle
Without Paddle $1,630.00 Add to Cart

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