Inspection Keg with Windows and Tri-clamp Ports (1/2 BBL)

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Inspection Keg with Windows and Tri-clamp Ports (1/2 BBL)
Brand: Thielmann
Part Number: SANKE-12W
Price: $499.95 List Price: $599.99

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1/2BBL Sanke D Inspection Keg with Two 4" Tri-clamp Window Ports

The innovative Inspection Keg AKA "Window Keg" is a unique adaptation of the standard 1/2 bbl keg, designed with innovation in mind. What sets it apart is the addition of two 4" tri-clamp ports, each with a transparent plexiglass end cap. These ports offer a fascinating insight into the otherwise opaque world of keg cleaning and filling processes.

Picture this: a brewery worker stands before the keg washer, armed with the ability to witness every stage of the cleaning and sanitization cycle. From the initial de-ullage to the final CO2 purge and fill, every step is visible through the clear end caps. This visibility extends to the meticulous cleaning of the stem and valve assembly, the forceful cascade of high-pressure water along the keg walls, and the precise measurement of chemical fill and volume.

But it's not just about observation; it's about empowerment. With the Window Keg, brewery staff can gauge the effectiveness of each cleaning cycle in real-time. They can identify any shortcomings or inefficiencies as they happen, ensuring a consistently high standard of cleanliness with every batch.  The 4" triclamp ports allow you to adapt with different end-caps and fittings, such as a pressure gauge and temperature gauge, so you can accurately see how your keg washer is performing and if it is getting to the temperatures that it needs to!

Furthermore, this innovative keg design isn't limited to cleaning alone. For breweries equipped with separate keg washers and fillers, the "window" keg provides a clear view of the filling process as well. Brewmasters can monitor the uniformity of the fill, the speed of the process, and other crucial factors, ensuring the integrity of each keg's contents.

Can the Window Keg Be Adapted?

While it excels in providing visibility into cleaning and filling processes, it also offers the potential for expansion. Thanks to its two 4" TC clamps, it can be easily modified to capture additional data points such as temperature and pressure. This adaptability ensures that the keg remains a versatile tool, capable of meeting the evolving needs of modern breweries.  Keg Outlet offers all the 

Inspection Keg AKA Window Keg Specs:

  • Volume: 1/2BBL / 15.5 Gallons
  • Dimensions: 23.25" Tall X 16.06" Diameter
  • Weight: 30.2 LBS
  • Ports: Includes Two 4" TC Ports with Plexiglass Caps, Gaskets and Clamps
  • Style: Sanke D Input
  • Operating Temperature -20°C up to +80°C
Advantages to the Window Keg:
  • 100% recyclable - Saves CO2
  • Extreme resistance in comparison with other materials
  • Non-corrosive steel
  • Safety is guaranteed for different beverages
  • Long product lifetime – 30+ year
  • 100% UV resistant

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SANKE-12W Inspection Keg with Windows and Tri-clamp Ports (1/2 BBL) $499.95 Add to Cart

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