Push-In U-Bend Splitter

Push-In U-Bend Splitter
Brand: Keg Outlet
Part Number: PF-UB
Price: $3.50 to $4.50

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Push-In Tube U-Bend Fitting 

This allows you to connect three pieces of tubing together.  This will allow you to split one beverage or gas line into 2 lines to serve 2 products at the same time or pressure. Push fittings also use high-quality dual-barrier poly tubing.  

Push-In Tube Fittings provide quick & convenient assembly.  To disconnect from the hose, simply push the collar in and pull it apart.

Select the appropriate size needed from the drop-down menu:

Available Sizes:

  • 1/4" OD (ALL) 
  • 3/8" OD (ALL)
  • 1/2" OD (ALL)

Select the appropriate size poly tubing for your push-fittings

Products are manufactured from safe, non-toxic materials meeting the requirements of the US FDA, ANSI/NSF-51, 61, and SK Zert.

Do not use this product where the ambient temperature o r fluid temperature may exceed 180°F. Maximum operating pressure -40°F to 68°F is 230 PSI / 149°F is 150 PSI.

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Item / Part # Size Price
Push-In U-Bend Splitter - 1/2" OD (ALL)
1/2" OD (ALL) $4.50 Add to Cart
Push-In U-Bend Splitter - 1/4" OD (ALL)
1/4" OD (ALL) $3.50 Add to Cart
Push-In U-Bend Splitter - 3/8" OD (ALL)
3/8" OD (ALL) $3.95 Add to Cart

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