Micromatic Automatic Keg Switcher with FOB

Micromatic Automatic Keg Switcher with FOB
Brand: Micro Matic
Part Number: PRO-MAX-2-J10
Price: $359.95 List Price: $399.99

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Micromatic Automatic Keg Switcher with FOB

Don't let beer go to waste when a keg runs dry. The PRO-MAX (FOB detector) is designed to detect an empty keg and halt the beer flow within the line, and then automatically start dispensing from a second keg.  With the PRO-MAX automatic keg switcher in-line profit maximizer, your beer line stays full even when the keg is empty. There's no need for constant refills, which reduces waste and optimizes the number of glasses per keg.

You will immediately begin saving money, by keeping your lines filled with beer and not foam between swapping out kegs. 

Simply hook up the inline keg switcher to two of the same style beer kegs, by attaching your lines to the unit with standard beer hex nuts, and you are ready to keep serving beer without the fear of a keg running out and filling your lines with foam. 



  • Double Dlastic FOB - Foam on Beer Detectors
  • Two – 4.25 floz chamber volume
  • Never stop pouring
  • Automatically switches from empty to new keg without excess foam in lines
  • Compact design
  • Plastic, FDA Listed Material
  • Up to 140 psi working pressure
  • Easy disassembly for cleaning
  • Wall mount
  • Threaded connections for standard beer hex nuts


  • To Reset CO2 Bleed:  Push-button
  • For Cleaning:  Rotate top knob to lift float
  • Type:  FOB
  • Includes:  Reversible Bracket Wall Mount
  • Mounting Type:  Wall Mount
  • Height:  8-1/2"
  • Depth:  11"
  • Material:  ABS Plastic

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