Pressurized Transfers for Racking Beer from the Fermenter to Keg

With the introduction of conical fermenters at the homebrewing scale, it has become a possibility to transfer beer like the pros do.

When transfering beer and wort in your homebrewery, the transfers should be quick to reduce the risk of contamination and unwanted aeration. Combining conical fermenters with a pressure transfer kit makes it possible to transfer your finished beer from the fermenter to the keg without exposing it to any oxygen. This is a huge plus, especially when brewing hop forward beers.

If you've got a a conical fermenter and are looking to start doing pressurized transfers, take a look at Brewhouse Hardware for a simple kit.

Our CO2 Keg Pressure Transfer Kits are designed to force your beer from your fermenter to your homebrew keg with ease, while eliminating the amount of contact that your beer has with oxygen and outside air.

This will help preserve and ensure that you get the best flavors and aromas from your beers, as well as cut down on the risk of any contaminants falling into your fermenter during the transfer.

— Brewhouse Hardware

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