Portable Draft Cocktail Kit - 1 Faucet

Portable Draft Cocktail Kit - 1 Faucet
Brand: Keg Outlet
Part Number: DCK-1
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Portable Draft Cocktail Kit for Converting a Cooler into a Mobile Draft Cocktail Bar

Keg Outlet's portable draft cocktail kits come with everything you need (except a cooler) for converting a cooler of your choice into a draft cocktail station wherever you go!

  • Pour up to 2.4 gallons of your favorite beverage on draft
  • No electricity
  • Stays cold for days
  • Use any cooler you would like for your own custom look!
    (Size permitting)

Simply drill a 2" diameter hole in the top of an ice chest of your choice and mount the draft cocktail tower to the top lid using the provided screws. 
Please note, when selecting a cooler to use for this, you need to make sure the internal dimensions are at a minimum of 10" in diameter, and 16" tall to accommodate the size of the keg included in the kit. 

Once your kit is assembled, simply fill the provided keg with your desired cocktail mixture, place it inside the ice chest, and fill it with ice to keep cold all day and you are ready to serve your favorite cocktails on draft with ease!

The mini regulator allows you to keep your kegs under constant pressure so that your pours are always smooth.  No hand pumps here!  Simply screw in your mini gas cylinder to your regulator, set your desired pressure and you are up and running!

 Our mini regulators are equipped to be able to use multiple types of gas depending on what you would like to serve on draft.  Keep carbonated beverages bubbly by using CO2, or keep your wine, coffee, or other cocktails flat by using nitrogen or argon canisters.  

This kit is a must for backyard gatherings, beach days, tailgates, parties, and more!  Make your custom Portable Draft Cocktail Dispenser today!

What's included in the Mobile Draft Cocktail Kit:

  • Single Faucet Draft Cocktail Tower with liquid line and ball lock disconnect
  • Custom Tower Mounted Mini Regulator
  • Gas Line assembly with Ball Lock Disconnect
  • 2.4 Gallon / 9L Refurbished Ball Lock Keg
  • QTY 2 - 74g CO2 Cartridges
  • Black tap handle
  • Tower Mounting Kit


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