Alkaline Line Cleaner / Penetrate (32 oz)

Alkaline Line Cleaner / Penetrate (32 oz)
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Part Number: CL-PALC-32
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Penetrate Alkaline Line Cleaner stands out as one of our most potent alkaline beer line cleaners, making it an excellent choice for extended draw systems, glycol-cooled setups, as well as neglected or aging systems. Crafted with a premium surfactant blend, it excels in penetrating stubborn residues, enhancing soil removal, and promoting easier rinsing.

This potent alkaline-based line cleaner effortlessly dislodges and suspends embedded soil within beer lines. It is the optimal choice for lengthy draw systems, glycol-cooled setups, and draft line systems that may have been overlooked or have aged over time. Our formula incorporates a top-tier surfactant package, ensuring enhanced soil penetration and improved rinsing.

Thanks to its ultra-concentrated formulation, you'll require less product per gallon of water to achieve the same robust cleaning effectiveness as competing solutions. For a visual rinse indicator, consider using it in conjunction with our allKlear tablets.

  • Suitable for extended draw, glycol-cooled, and neglected or aging draft systems.
  • Brewery-approved dosage: Just 1 oz per gallon of water.
  • Compatible with all electrical, mechanical, and hand-operated cleaning units.

Alkaline Compound for Draft Beverage Line Cleaning

  • 32 oz. Bottle
  • Nitrate free formula
  • Low phosphates
  • Mix 1 oz. per Gallon of water

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