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Oak Barrels

Oak Barrels are ideal for aging beer, spirits and wine in.  For many years oak barrels were only used for scotch, whiskey, wine, and a few other types of drink.

Today, more and more breweries are using old oak whiskey barrels and even old wine barrels to age beer in.  Aging your beer in an oak barrel will give it amazing flavor and an incredible mouth feel.  Not many home brewers have had a chance to age their beer in an oak barrel because of the size of them, until now!

We are offering a wide range of sizes of oak barrels with a variety of char levels to give you exactly what you are looking for.  These small oak barrels are perfect for home use!

We currently offer oak barrels in 1L (.26 Gallons), 2L (.52 Gallons), 3L (.79 Gallons), 5L (1.32 Gallons), 10L (2.64 Gallons), and 20L (5.28 Gallons) sizes. 

The 20L / 5 Gallon oak barrel is ideal for home brewers looking to age homebrew in an oak barrel, since a standard size batch of homebrew is usually 5 gallons!

The other sizes are great for aging smaller batches of homebrew, or aging a scotch/whiskey in to take it from a standard liquor to a premium drink! There are many uses for these barrels, and you will love the outcome for whatever you end up using them for!

 20 Liter Oak Barrel (5 Gallon) /
Part# 20LiterBarrel
$259.99  $219.95
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1 Liter Mini Oak Barrel /
Part# 1LiterBarrel
$69.99  $59.95
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10 Liter Mini Oak Barrel /
Part# 10LiterBarrel
$159.99  $139.95
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2 Liter Mini Oak Barrel /
Part# 2LiterBarrel
$79.99  $69.95
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3 Liter Mini Oak Barrel /
Part# 3LiterBarrel
$99.99  $89.95
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5 Liter Mini Oak Barrel /
Part# 5LiterBarrel
$119.99  $99.95
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