Kombucha Fermenter Heating Kit (FTSs Controller + Conical Heating Pad)

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Kombucha Fermenter Heating Kit (FTSs Controller + Conical Heating Pad)
Brand: Ss Brewtech
Part Number: KHK-CHP
Price: $294.95 List Price: $298.95

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Kombucha Heating Kit with Temperature Controller

Ensure your kombucha brews to perfection with our advanced Heating Kit designed specifically for kombucha fermentation. Achieving the ideal fermentation temperature is crucial for the best kombucha flavor and health benefits, and our kit offers precise temperature control to make this easy and efficient.

Heating Kit Features:

FTSs Touch Temperature Controller

  • Precision Control: Maintain consistent and accurate temperatures with the intuitive FTSs Touch Display.
  • Elegant Design: Streamlined footprint for a sleek and modern look.

Heating Pad

  • Consistent Heating: Provides gentle, even heat to maintain optimal fermentation temperatures.
  • Bespoke Fit: Designed to fit around the base of conical fermenters.

What's Included:

  • FTSs Touch Display: User-friendly interface for effortless temperature management.
  • FTSs Touch Nub: Connects seamlessly with the temperature controller.
  • FTSs Pump with XT30 Connector: Ensures efficient circulation and temperature consistency.
  • Digital Temp Probe: Accurate temperature readings for precise control.
  • Silicone Tubing: Durable and flexible for easy setup and maintenance. (only needed when using the optional cooling portion)
  • Power Supply: Reliable power source for continuous operation.
  • FTSs Display Stand and TC Clamp Display Mount: Convenient and secure placement options for your display.

Optional Cooling Source:
For complete temperature control, pair your heating kit with a cooling source. Options range from a simple cooler with ice to a glycol chiller, ensuring your kombucha remains at the perfect temperature throughout the fermentation process. Note that the use of the cooling pump will require the lid be fit with the drop-in chilling coil - this can prevent your kombucha from having access to oxygen.

Elevate your kombucha brewing experience with our Heating Kit and FTSs Touch Temperature Controller, designed to deliver exceptional results with ease and precision.

* Fermenter not included *

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KHK-CHP Kombucha Fermenter Heating Kit (FTSs Controller + Conical Heating Pad) $294.95 Add to Cart

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