Intertap Forward Sealing Faucet - Chrome

Intertap Forward Sealing Faucet - Chrome
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Brand: Intertap
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Chrome Intertap Faucet - One facuet for all your needs!!

The patented Intertap Faucet is a forward sealing faucet similar to the Perlicks. It has a modular, threaded spout which can fit a variety of different attachments including a growler filler or a nitro stout spout.

In normal rear-sealing faucets the entire faucet has to drain of beer. In forward-sealing faucets the faucet keeps beer in it so the inside doesn't have a chance to get sticky, making cleaning much easier. It also reduces the chance of off flavors transfering to your beer while you pour.

Other forward sealing faucets use a floating o-ring, which is just as sanitary but requires the o-ring to move inside the faucet body in order to seal correctly. This can become a problem as the faucet ages. Intertap faucets use a sliding shuttle that guides the o-ring into the perfect position every time. 

The threaded spout easily unscrews from the faucet and can be replaced by a growler filler or stout spout quickly and easily. Pour a pint and then fill a growler in no time at all.

NOTE: Tap Handle Not Included - Click here for Tap Handles


  • Material: Chrome Plated Brass

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