How to mount and install a secondary regulator inside of a kegerator or keezer?

There are many reasons you might want to put a secondary regulator bank inside of your kegerator, keezer or walk-in fridge. Here, we'll outline a few of those reasons.

Want to get your regulator and Co2 or Nitrogen tank out of your kegerator or keezer?

Want to use a larger CO2, Beer Gas or Nitrogen cylinder that won't fit inside of your kegerator or keezer?

If any of the questions above sounds like the situation you're in, a secondary regulator is the answer!

A secondary regulator can be configured with as many bodies as needed to control multiple pressures. This allows you to mount just the regulator inside your fridge and keep your gas tank outside of the fridge; freeing up space inside the kegerator/fridge and also allowing you to use larger gas tanks and store in remote locations.

See the video below where we install a secondary, 2-body, low pressure regulator. Secondary (low pressure) regulators will need a primary regulator on the gas tank which decreases (regulates) the output pressure from the high pressure inside the tank to (typically) no more than 60PSI. From there, your secondary regulator(s) allow you to dial in a specifi pressure to each keg.

Using secondary regulators is a great option when serving multiple types of beverages that might need to be kept and served at different working pressures.

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