How do I push beer into a keg without exposing it to oxygen?

You can use CO2 pressurized transfers in order to move your beer from your Chronical Series fermenter into your keg using the following steps.
  1. The best and easiest method to go into the keg, from the 1/2" ball valve is to get a 1/2"NPT to 1/4" Hose Barb fitting.  Local hardware stores (actually if you have an ACE they carry SS parts) or online for this part.
  2. Next, you'll hook that fitting to a Hose with a BEER OUT Ball Valve adaptor (I'm assuming you have already flushed the Racking Arm with some beer to get rid of yeast) - this will allow you to fill the keg from the bottom up to minimize splashing.
  3. Be sure to Purge your Kegs Beer Out line of liquid and purge everything with CO2
  4. Before you connect the beer Line to the Keg, purge the line
    • To do this, run some beer through it, to remove any O2 that is in the line.
    • Let the beer set in the line for 5-10 minutes to "absorb" any O2
    • Then dump the beer out of the line
  5. After you have done that, hook it to the liquid out post of your keg (this will fill the keg from the bottom up, through the liquid dip tube).
  6. Be sure to do one of the following to keep the flow of beer into the keg constant:
    • keep the lid of the keg opened
    • constantly vent the keg by pulling the pressure relief valve
    • put a "Gas In" disconnect on that side to vent the gas out as you fill the keg

When using pressurized transfers to fill your kegs, be sure to follow the safety instructions, and NEVER pressurize a Chronical fermenter beyond 4-5psi. Pushing beer at 1-2psi is plenty.

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