SPIEGELAU Stein - "Refresh" Beer Mug

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SPIEGELAU Stein - "Refresh" Beer Mug
Brand: Spiegelau Glassware
Part Number: GL4991056


SPIEGELAU Stein - "Refresh" Beer Mug

The one glass for your favorite beer, style doesnt matter!  This beer mug will be your go-to glass with is charm and ridge turbine feature.

Old world charm meets modern functionality with the Refresh beer stein from spiegelau. Inside each glass there is a molded ridge turbine that refreshes and recharges the beers foam cap when the stein is swirled, thus releasing more aroma. the glass also features gently tapered walls to further capture and enhance these aromas, bringing fuller, more expressive notes to your favorite beer. 

Quantity: One Glass
Dimensions: 7 1/2" Tall X 3 3/7" wide
Capacity: 21 7/8 oz.

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Part # Description Price
GL4991056 SPIEGELAU Stein - "Refresh" Beer Mug $16.95

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