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We offer single, dual and triple output gas blenders are designed for dispensing beer and minimizing waste. Each gas blender is individually tested before leaving. It is tamper-proof and fully automatic.

The most common blends are:

  • 75% N2 : 25% CO2 for Guinness and other stouts
  • 40% N2 : 60% CO2 for most lagers
  • 25% N2 : 75% CO2 for shorter draw systems and/or higher carbed beverages

Note:  Use only Primary Regulators with a blow off of 115-125 psi and High Pressure Braided Pressure Tubing with Blenders.

Gas Blending Equipment for Draft Beverage Systems employing CO2 and Nitrogen

Gas Blenders can pay for themselves in short order when compared to the cost of pre-mixed blended gas and the wasted beer caused by an unbalanced system.

Pure CO2 is the cheapest gas, but in most bars it creates an incredible amount waste due to foam and overcarbonation. A Gas Blender can reduce waste to zero (or close to zero) and pay for itself after only a few kegs. Premixed gas cylinders are expensive and can vary in the blend ratio. With a blender you simply buy pure carbon dioxide and pure nitrogen, the blender does the rest and you save money in the long run.

Trumix® Gas Blenders

All Trumix blenders are guaranteed accurate within 2% to insure that proper carbonation levels can be maintained over extended periods of time. Features easy installation with gas blends preset at the factory.
All inlet pressures are in the 70 psi range. Custom blends are available but allow 3-5 weeks.
Size of unit: 9½" wide x 10" high x 5½" deep.

The McDantum Trumix Blender is an anodized aluminum bodied precision instrument. Its components are made of brass, stainless steel, aluminum and plastics offering the greatest resistance to aging or corrosion in an atmosphere of N2 and CO2. The Blender has been engineered to be free of parts vulnerable to wear. As a result, the Blending Panel will give years and years of perfect service. Consult us directly for applications using other gases or conditions! 973-512-2028

Flow rates posted are for gas blended - a dual gas blender will have that rate of flow on each blend.