Digital Thermostat - Heating & Cooling

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Digital Thermostat - Heating & Cooling
Brand: Keg Outlet
Part Number: FR300
Price: $179.95 List Price: $199.99

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Digital Thermostat with dual stage Heating & Cooling Functions

Digital Thermostat for Heating & Cooling your kegerators, keezers or fermenter chambers!

Looking to control the temperature of any fridge or freezer unit?  This is your one stop shop!  Easily plug your cooling element (refrigerator or freezer) into it to cool to your specific temperature, and also plug in your heating element (like a heating lamp) to kick on when your chamber gets too cold.  This is the ideal thermostat for your fermenting chamber.   Cool your beer when it's getting too warm, and wamr it up to prevent the yeast from dying when it starts to get too cold.  Keeping your beer at the optimal temperature in the fermenters will produce the best tasting beer.  Fermenting like a pro has never been easier! 


  • Ranco base Model # ETC-111000-000. 
  • 115 Volts 208/240 Volts
  • Full-Load Amps 16 Amps 8 Amps
  • Locked Rotor Amps 96 Amps 48 Amps
  • Ressistive Amps 15 Amps 8 Amps
  • Horsepower 1 hp 1 hp
  • The Normally Closed contact is rated at:
  • 115 Volts 208/240 Volts Full-Load Amps
  • 5.8 Amps 2.9 Amps Locked Rotor Amps
  • 34.8 Amps 17.4 Amps Ressistive Amps
  • 5.8 Amps 2.9 Amps
  • Horsepower 1/4 hp 1/4 hp




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