Giardino Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit

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Giardino Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit
Brand: Forno Bravo
Part Number: FG00
Price: $2,095.00 to $2,395.00

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Transform your outdoor space into a pizzeria with the Forno Bravo Giardino Series outdoor pizza oven kit. With fast heat-up times and unmatched performance, you'll be whipping up restaurant-quality pizzas in no time. Choose from the Giardino60 with a 24" cooking floor that can bake one 10" pizza, or upgrade to the Giardino70 with a 28" cooking floor that can bake two 10" pizzas.

This comprehensive kit provides everything you need to build your very own fully-insulated wood oven, including the oven dome, vent, floor, chimney, steel door, thermometer, 3" dome insulation, 2" floor insulation, and high-temperature refractory mortar. With a lightning-fast 20-minute heat-up time and superior heat retention, the Forno Bravo Giardino Series outdoor pizza oven kit is the ultimate choice for any outdoor kitchen. Oven tools sold separately.

Unleash the ultimate pizza-making experience with our Giardino outdoor wood-fired oven kit. All you need to do is provide the stand and stucco (or any other decorative facade), and our kit will take care of the rest. With temperatures reaching over 900°F, you can bake up to 30 pizzas per hour with ease.

Need a longer chimney? No problem. Our Giardino ovens are equipped with an adapter that allows for a 6" single wall stainless steel chimney pipe for open outdoor kitchens or a UL103 HT rated double wall chimney system for installations that require a chimney through patio covers. If you need assistance, our technical support team is ready to provide you with a customized venting quote.

Installation has never been easier with the Giardino ovens. Choose from an on-site built concrete block stand or a Forno Bravo Cucina Modular Oven Stand for effortless setup.

Giardino Series Wood Fired Pizza Oven Kit Includes:

  • Commercial grade refractory 1.5″ oven dome with integral vent
  • Firebrick cooking floor that is NSF-4 certified for use with food
  • 3″ Ceramic fiber insulation blanket and 2″ board to fully insulate pizza oven
  • High temperature mortar
  • Stainless steel stove pipe kit with anchor plate, flue and cap
  • Steel door with thermometer
  • Optional Cucina stand

Fast 20 minute heat up time and outstanding heat retention. The perfect home pizza oven for those who want the authenticity of wood fired cooking.

Optional for Giardino Outdoor Pizza Oven Kits:

  • Modular Cucina Stand
  • Decorative Brick Arch
  • Double wall chimney for going through patio covers

Giardino Pizza Oven Kit Features & Core Technologies:

  • Forno Bravo the oven dome using a 38% alumina (81% alumina and silica) refractory material cast in a two-sided, vibrated form—a higher quality process than many competitor residential pizza oven kits.
  • The oven floor is made using large 12”x12” commercial-grade (2,700psi compressed and 2650ºF kiln-fired) firebrick floor tiles—superior to any other home pizza ovens.
  • Ultra-premium insulation, both in quality and thickness, for outstanding heat retention. Each pizza oven includes a minimum of 3” of high-tech ceramic blanket dome insulation and 2” of ceramic board floor insulation — eliminating the need for old-fashioned and inefficient vermiculite or Perlite-based insulating concrete.
  • The oven has a mono-block dome and integral vent design, easy for you to assemble. With zero seams, the Giardino ovens have excellent heat retention and cooking performance, and much better durability than other small outdoor pizza ovens.

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Item / Part # Size Price
Giardino 60 Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit - 24”
24" Floor $2,095.00 Add to Cart
Giardino 70 Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit - 28”
28" Floor $2,395.00 Add to Cart

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